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Can I customize my own wedding package?

Absolutely! Individualized packages may be created by contacting us. A good place to start is nailing down how many hours you'll need.

How many hours do you recommend?

It really depends on what is important to you. i.e.: the anticipation of getting ready, exchanging gifts before the ceremony, the First Look, prayers, dances, cake cutting, sparkler send-off, wedding details, guests, your relationship, bouquet/garter toss, etc. We usually recommend between 7-8 hours to adequately capture the entire experience.

How long will our wedding film be? 

It depends on the package/edit you're interested in, but they usually run between 1 hour to 1.5 hours. An average of 30 mins for the Full Ceremony, 30 mins for the Toasts and Reception Highlights and 6-8 mins for the Wedding Film. It also depends on how long your ceremony is as well as how long we film.

Can I pick my own music?

Sure! We'll send you a link to some of the great artists we use and you can choose from there. Please note that we cannot use most "mainstream" songs you hear on the radio for your 3-5 minute wedding trailer because of strict copyright laws. We do, however, have AH-MAZING artists from which we can buy the copyrights.

What if I need to change the time that you start/stop filming?

As long as it still occurs on the same day it shouldn't be a problem. You can let us know, even on the day of the event, if there is a time change. And if you need us to film longer than you thought, just let us know and we'll happily stay and party with you longer.

When will I receive my USB?

Within 2-4 months following the event, unless it has been otherwise discussed. Creating your film takes time! ; )

Can I purchase additional USB/DVDs?

Of course! Additional USB/DVDs are $20 each. Let us know if you'd like a thumb drive version - we do that, too!

Will I be able to see my film online?

You can add an online trailer/film posting to any package. Doing this will make your Wedding Trailer or Wedding FIlm available to share online with anyone anywhere!

Who will film my wedding?

Team Story consists of Morgan, Abbey, Derek, Chrissy, Jason and Tiana. We typically film as a pair - one guy, one girl. Once you meet with us we'll all decide who, specifically, will be filming for you.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We film with Sony a7SIIs and Canon 6Ds with a variety of lenses. We also implement "glide" movements with the Cinevate Duzi Slider and Zhiyun Crane 2 Gimbal.

Can I add Drone Footage to my package?

Absolutely! We are FAA certified to fly for commercial use.  There are, however, several factors that may prevent us from being able to fly. For example we must have permission from the venue,  the weather must be agreeable (no rain/high winds), there must be no air restrictions in the area, etc. Because of these factors, we bill Drone Coverage in our second installment- only after a successful flight. 

How do you capture sound?

We capture sound in several different ways. We mic the groom or officiant with a tiny lapel mic, we plug into and record from the DJ's booth and also we attach shotgun mics to our cameras. We use any and sometimes all of these methods of sound capture at each event.

Where are you located?

We make our home in Tucson, but find ourselves in Phoenix often. We currently service the greater Phoenix and Tucson areas for no additional fees, but we travel all over to film (travel fees may apply if outside of Phoenix and Tucson).

Do you film destination weddings?

We LOVE filming destination weddings! Let us know where your wedding will take place, and we will plug you into our GPS! Additional travel fees will be determined and added to the total cost of your package. Travel fees vary depending on the location of the desired wedding site. We will discuss and outline travel fees at the time the contract is made. We currently service the greater Phoenix and Tucson areas for no additional fees.

Do you do wedding photography as well?

We don't but we have lot's a friends in the industry that do absolutely incredible work. If you'd like to get our friendors list drop us a line!

What's your favorite color?

Abbey's favorite color is purple. Morgan's is orange.

We love your films and want to book! What is the next step?

Shoot us an email and we'll schedule a meeting with you to discuss your event and ideas for your film!